About the Crawford College Connection

Crawford College Connection is a not-for-profit organization started in October 2000 to provide college access services to students and their families in Crawford County. We are one of 30 programs in the state of Ohio and part of OCAN (Ohio College Access Network).

Our goals are:

  • to supplement and assist the efforts of our local schools and enhance every student's opportunity for a higher education
  • to motivate and encourage students to stay in school and plan for education beyond high school
  • to advise students regarding the financial aid process
  • to provide grant assistance

We are particularly focused on students who may be the "first-generation" in their family to attend college or technical school. Although a high school diploma used to be the ticket to a good job, most jobs now require education beyond high school. We are initially targeting students from Bucyrus, Wynford, and Colonel Crawford Districts, but, as funding and volunteers allow, eventually plan to serve all Crawford County students. Our goals are to raise awareness among parents and students and increase the likelihood that all students will reach their potential and find a productive career.