Preparing for the ACT

  1. Pick up the free student preparation booklet with your registration packet from the guidance office. It contains test information, complete practice tests with scoring keys, and a writing prompt with sample essays. If your school does not have the booklets, you can go to for a copy.
  2. Check out an ACT prep book from your school or local library. A good book to use is The Real ACT Prep Guide. It comes with five retired practice tests, detailed answers to each question, and scoring guides for each test.
  3. When registering for the ACT or during the three-month period after your test date, you can buy a copy of the test. After the test, you will receive a copy, a list of your answers, the correct answers, and the scoring guide. Study this test! Although it does not come with detailed answers, you can ask a teacher or a friend to help you with any questions that you don’t understand.
  4. Go to and go through the practice test questions and check out the Streaming Events.
  5. Crawford College Connection offers a Refresher Class in preparation for the October test. Watch for registration on this site.
  6. Practice! Practice! Practice!